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A quasi monetary union
for the caribbean.

Powered by a stablecoin: Carib$.

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A Fast Track Towards
CARICOM Single Market and Economy

Introduction of Carib$

- Our strategic goals for the Caribbean

  • Connect the Caribbean and strengthen economic ties between national economies

  • Create a quasi monetary union as a fast track towards a Caribbean Single Market and Economy by introducing a jointly managed means of payment: Carib$

- What we want to achieve

  • Lower costs and enhance speed of cross-border financial transactions

  • Provide a regional means of exchange with high liquidity

  • Reduce the necessity of hard currency exchange

  • Build and develop a joint monetary policy for a common means of payment for the One Caribbean

- How do we achieve these goals?

  • By introducing Carib$, a stablecoin, as a means for seamless, fast and cheap financial transactions

  • By providing business related services and infrastructure to use Carib$ on a daily base

  • By introducing a consent-based multi-stakeholder governance of Carib$ as a public-private-partnership in close relation with central banks and regulators

- What exactly is Carib$?

Carib$ is a digital means of exchange and store of value, somewhat similar to a currency issued by a central bank. It is designed as a stablecoin, meaning it has a stable exchange rate in relation to a predefined asset, such as the USD. Stabilisation will be achieved by

  • Backing Carib$ with a basket of Caribbean assets

  • Applying stabilisation algorithms for the exchange rate and

  • Introducing a trustworthy governance structure of Caribbean stakeholders.

Privacy and safety for users are ensured by applying blockchain-technology and appropriate legal measures.

- Who we are?

CaribCoin is a joint venture of Abed Ventures and Dr. Jan Schröder, combining a track record of

  • Founders and CEOs of multiple blockchain and societal change related institutions

  • Development of the basics of world’s first CDBC in Barbados

  • Social innovation on the national level in Germany with >20.000 stakeholders and >1bn media contacts

  • Multi-stakeholder governance of a government-funded 40 M€ public program